We often get calls from customers who say they just love one of our garments but is it possible to have it a little longer, or shorter, or in a different colour? Well the answer is very often yes, we can make it as a special item. Special items are however non returnable so it is important that you are already familiar with our products. We have quietly been making specials for our regular customers for many years without any problems. They know our products well enough to get just what they want.

What can we do?
We can shorten. We can make longer up to a limit depending on the garment. We can shorten or lengthen shoulder straps, or suspender drops. We can make plain garments in other colours that we have available. We can't change the colour of the lace but we can often use it with another colour of silk.

What can't we do?
We can't alter basques, bras or teddies other than to lengthen straps or suspender drops. We can't make sizes beyond our standard size range.

What can go wrong?
Specials can not be returned, so it is important to be certain of the correct size. If you are not familiar with our garments do not assume a certain size will fit without trying a standard item first.

How do I order?
Email or phone your requirements. We will need style colour and size and then how much longer or shorter than standard. We will give you a quote, if you are happy we can take credit/debit card details over the phone, or send you an electronic invoice which you can pay using your credit/debit card or paypal.

How much does it cost?
We'll give you a quote but as a rough guide lengthing costs £2 an inch extra above the cost of the standard garment. Shortening is generally done at no cost.

How long does it take?
Most of the year it will take just a little longer than an out of stock item, as shown on the latest news page. However at the end of November and in December we are usually too busy to cope with specials. So if you need something during that period you will need to order early.